Dean SGCARS, Jagdalpur

DEAN ,:--Dr. S. C. Mukherjee

Expertise:--Integrated Pest Management Rice Entomology

Mobile:-- 9425585249

Scientist/Teaching staff
S.No. Name Designation Expertise Email Mobile No.
1. Dr. D. S. Thakur Chief Scientist Dryland Agriculture Soil Conservation 9424270404
2. Sh. R. S. Netam Scientist Mashroom Production Rapeseed Pathologist 9424281298
3. Sh. S. K. Nag Assistant Professor Agricultural Economist 9424285796
4. Dr. Adikant Pradhan Scientist Small Millets Agronomy Weed Science Protected Agriculture 9424270194
5. Sh. M. S. Paikara Scientist Cashew Horticulturist 9424284560
6. Dr. A. K. Gupta Scientist Rice Entomologist Integrated Pest Management 9407913103
7. Dr. Deoshankar Scientist Tuber Horticulturist Tuber Processing 8817933767
8. Sh. A. K. Thakur Scientist Dryland Agronomy

9. Sh. R. R. Bhanwar Scientist Rice Pathologist Sulphi Pathologist 9826683442
10 Sh. D. P. Singh Assistant Professor Statistician
Forecasting Model in Agriculture 9753559024
11. Sh. J. L. Salam Scientist Rapeseed Mustard Breeding

12. Sh. Manish Kumar Scientist Rice Agronomy 9993441213
13. Dr. Shailendra Agrawal Scientist Palm Horticulturalist 9752586877
14. Dr. G. K. Sharma Scientist Dryland Agriculture Soil Conservation 9826165273
15. Sh. Tejpal Chandrakar Assistant Professor Soil Health 9907428125
16. Sh. P. S. Markam Assistant Professor Floriculture 9479096029
17. Dr. Abhinav Sao Scientist Millet Breeding 9826668880
18. Prafull kumar Scientist Rice breeding 9406377787
19. Sh. N. A. Bokade Assistant Professor Farm Power and Machinery 9098081230
20 Sh. Deo Prakash Patel Scientist Millet Pathologist 9753005570





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